EntreComp for Education

Training Course & Workshop
A project founded by the Italian National Agency.


How to be qualified entrepreneurship educators

The aim of the project is to get teachers improve their skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship education providing them related trainings and workshops and by this way to create an “Entrepreneurial Mindset” in our schools.

Our main idea is to use EntreComp Framework in entrepreneurship education and design entrepreneurship lessons with FCL concept to create more independent and professional environment for the students to improve their entrepreneurship skills to give them a higher chance in employability after school.

Project Activities

Project Kick-off 

The official start of the project. The on-site meeting in Benevento in which the whole process was made clear to all partners.

Training Course

The activity of the training course was carried out for the teachers of the participating organizations in Izmir in 5 course days after the arrival.


The workshop for teachers from participating organizations to work on learning scenarios and how to integrate EntreComp Framework into school subjects.


Describe the expected results of the activity by website, social media and digital guide on how to use the learning scenarios in classes.

“Rethinking teaching and learning”

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