I.S. Palmieri-Rampone-Polo


Our Institute is a technical and vocational High school located in Benevento, a town in the South of Italy. There are 517 students that follow different branches: The Economics, IT, Graphics and Advertising. It offers three ICT Labs, a Foreign Languages Lab, a Physics Lab, a Chemistry Lab, a Robotics-Coding Lab, and a Graphics Lab.

Our school has been supported by European funds. So we are experienced on managing the project funds. The primary aim of the school is to promote the growth of students making them aware of their own culture and respect for other cultures and being active citizens in society. Our teachers create the conditions that reveal the potential of each student, they promote the development of every student to be active and responsible citizens.

Our school also works in collaboration with private enterprises to prepare the students for the labour market and to increase their preferability as employers supporting their careers.

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