The aim of the project is to get teachers improve their skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship education for them to be qualified entrepreneurship educators and entrepreneurship lesson designers providing them related trainings and workshops and by this way to create an “Entrepreneurial Mindset” in our schools.

This aim will be achieved via the objectives below;

  • The teachers will be able to gain a new perspective on entrepreneurship concept by getting a deep knowledge on the 8- level progression model of EntreComp Framework.
  • The teachers will be able to integrate the competences in EntreComp Framework into their entrepreneurship education process.
  • The teachers will be able to work in collaboration with real enterprises to get their students have real life experience.
  • The teachers will be able to design learning scenarios on entrepreneurship based on Future Classroom Lab (FCL) concept in order to provide more personalized and digital/technology integrated entrepreneurship lessons for the students.
  • The teachers will be able to provide entrepreneurship education in isolated lessons or with a cross-curricular approach according to students’ needs and school strategy.
  • The teachers will be able to help their students work on different kinds of entrepreneurship according to their skills, needs and interests. Expected results and outcomes are stated below upon achieving the objectives;
  • The students will improve their skills and knowledge with personalized and digital integrated entrepreneurship education.
  • The students will be active citizens in society and responsible workers even if they become self-employed or employees after school.
  • The schools will gain a new perspective on entrepreneurship education collaborating with real enterprises and adding EntreComp Framework into their education strategy.
  • The schools will have an entrepreneurship atmosphere with a European dimension.
  • The teachers will have a FCL based guide and learning scenarios on entrepreneurship education.

These objectives and results are directly related to entrepreneurial learning of the students and entrepreneurship education in schools because as we stated above our general aim is to strengthen the skills of teachers on entrepreneurship education with a new dimension. Our main idea is to use EntreComp Framework in entrepreneurship education and design entrepreneurship lessons with FCL concept to create more independent and professional environment for the students to improve their entrepreneurship skills to give them a higher chance in employability after school. Moreover our objectives offer the teachers who give entrepreneurship education directly or who integrates it into their curriculum an opportunity to have a training and attend workshops to continue their development. Please outline the target groups of your project

We can divide our target group into two; one is school educators and the second is private enterprise experts who works in collaboration with schools. The logic behind the activities is to get benefit from the professional entrepreneurial approach of private sector and matching the needs of schools and the offers of enterprises.

The main target groups of the project are the teachers of partner schools who give entrepreneurship education directly or includes it to their subject area with a cross-curricular approach or the teachers who wants to include entrepreneurship teaching to their works but who exactly do not know how to do it. We are not seeking any specific expertise on EntreComp, FCL design or learning scenario creation. Because it will be a mix from participant organizations; the experts and the beginner entrepreneurship educators. Experts are;

  • Private sector experts who integrates EntreComp Framework into their work and works coordinately in school education area
  • Teachers who integrate FCL design into their work and learning scenario designers
  • Teachers who are efficient EntreComp users in their entrepreneurship teaching.
  • Beginner entrepreneurship educators are not sought to have any specific skill or knowledge but following attitudes are requested;
  • willing to cooperate with the partners from different sectors
  • having flexible learning skills and open to developing new methodologies for current concepts
  • open to working in harmony with a team
  • feeling responsible about the tasks taken or given
  • open to change the teaching style and apply new trends in the lessons
  • In addition to our target group we also aim to reach the students, school administration and parents as final beneficiaries. The direct aim of the project is to take the entrepreneurship education to a next level and raise the chance of the students’ employability after they graduate from the school. So we plan to reach all the students in our schools who attend “entrepreneurship” lessons directly or who take entrepreneurship education in a cross-curricular manner in other subject areas.

The school administration is also aimed to change the school atmosphere and strategic plans after the implementation of the project. Instead of current view of entrepreneurship education, which is thought it is only necessary for starting up a business, it is supposed that entrepreneurship education will be valued as its a necessity in every part of life. Parents will also be informed and given seminars on the topic about the project, its application and the results not only for them to change their attitude and raise their consciousness on the topic but also to increase the impact of the project and to sustain the results.

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