Project Kick-off

This meeting will be done to start the project officially. It will help us set the course for a successful and smooth project collaboration. In the official starting date “31/05/2022” an online meeting will be set to talk about the general aims, objectives, activities and results in order to get ready for the on-site project kick-off meeting.

All the needs will be determined and preparations will be started for the on-site meeting according to the results of the online meeting. Thanks to the online meeting, the hosting organization will get ready to host all the other organizations to start the project which will be almost one month after the online meeting. This time will be used for the attending organizations to make arrangements for travel and accommodation as well as for the duties they have undertaken.

The on-site meeting will take 4 days – 2 days for travel 2 days for meeting. And all the path for the project implementation will be made clear for all the partners.

Training Course

The training course activity will be done for the teachers of participating organizations and it is planned as 5 day-course apart from arrival and departure days. It is also called as an activity because it consists of preparation phase as well as evaluation and feedback part.

  • The 5 day-training is planned as below;
  • Entrepreneurship Mindset and Entrepreneurship Types
  • 21st Century Skills and Entrepreneurship
  • EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework and Competence Model
  • Career Counselling in Entrepreneurship Education
  • Collaborating with Private Sector as a School
  • Being an Active Citizens and Undertaking an Entrepreneur Role After the course an “Change Control Meeting” will be done as online to make clear if any changes are necessary for the next step.

Preferably changes dyring project implementation are not welcomed during the process but the purpose of this meeting is to repair something that proves faulty during the implementation phase, upgrades or any critical problem to be faced. And these minor changes will be documented in the change management plan. This meeting will also be used as an evaluation of the training course. On the spot evaluation and feedback will be taken right after the training course but after going back to work and applying the things that are learned during the training will be evaluated in this online meeting as well.


This workshop is designed for the teachers of the participating organizations to work on the main outputs of the project which are learning scenarios, hard copy and digital guide for the scenarios on how to use them in the classroom and how to integrate EntreComp Framework into school subjects. It will be a 4 day workshop except travel days. We call it as “Workshop Activity” because there will be before and after activities, preparations and works to be done again. Before the workshop activity, all the organizations will attend an “Project Status Meeting” to talk about the progress of the project.

  • These topics will be discussed and made clear:
  • Updates of individual activities Progress of the project compared to planning: are we late or early?
  • Budget status: are we under or have we exceeded the budget?
  • Quality status: are we maintaining the expected quality levels?
  • Current or hypothetical problems (such as changes, problems with resources, dissatisfaction with the customer or supplier, etc.)

Next steps to be taken after taking under control every detail of the project, the responsible organizations will make preparations for the activity from the design of the workshop sessions to accomodation and training place. The workshop will include informative and work sessions for the groups. The participants will work in transnational groups so that the quality of the outputs will be maintained.

After the workshop, the responsible groups will come together in online platforms to gather all the learning scenarios together and prepare the guide so it will also take some time before leaping into the dissemination and follow-up activities.

Dissemination Activities and Closure

Describe the expected results of the activity.

The expected outputs and results are:

  • website of the project
  • logo designs and creating the motto of the project
  • a digital guide on how to integrate EntreComp to school subjects and how to use the learning scenarios in classes
  • teaching materials published digitally in school education gateway and platforms as well as our local means of sharing tools

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