Erzincan Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi

Erzincan City Erzincan 

Erzincan Social Sciences High School is located in Erzincan in the east of Turkey.

There are 423 students aged between 14-19 and 34 teachers. Students have a year of intensive English program which provides 20 hours of class instruction each week before they start grade 9.

Our School aims to be a leading school in the country that encourages students to do research in the field of literature and social sciences, arouses their interest in developments, and educates future lawyers, lawmakers and politicians. In order to provide resources for the training of highly qualified scientists needed in the field of Social Sciences in our country, we struggle to create a contemporary teaching atmosphere with a universal quality of research, sharing, original aesthetic values, and to educate individuals who respect social values.

Aveca Pro


AvecaPro established by active youth workers and trainers in İzmir as non-profit social enterprise. By becoming a social enterprise company in 2019, our start-up has started to its studies and projects with its dynamic and young team.

Our newly established social enterprise, its members, administrative body and consultative body have generous experiences by participating youth projects from all over the world. Our team’s main objective is to share their experiences with youth people. Main purpose of the AvecaPro is to thrive and to increase the abilities/skills of youth people by using peer method on youth volunteers.

Mission of the AvecaPro is the active citizenship of the youth people therefore our enterprise opened up its doors to all participants from all over the world. Our organization is working with the local, national and international NGOs.

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